Brevard County FL Fumigation Pest Control

Brevard County FL Fumigation Pest Control

Predator Services, located in Melbourne, FL provides professional Brevard County FL Fumigation Pest Control, for complete eradication of all unwelcome insects on the Space Coast.


By penetrating deep into your furniture and corners, fumigation provides the most potent and effective pest extermination method available. Using our fumigants, we target the places where insecticidal sprays and dusts can’t reach. Give your family a peace of mind and destroy those exasperating bedbugs, ants, cockroaches once and for all.

Predator Services are fully equipped and trained to perform our safe yet powerful fumigation operation anywhere around your property.

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Cleaning and disinfecting: Key weapons in the fight against contagious diseases. Spray disinfection of surfaces in the house.
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Brevard County FL Fumigation Pest Control

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Our Promise To You

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


We are trustworthy and honest with our services that we provide to solve our client problems.


All of our services have an option for a Pest Control “CARE Plan”.


Prior to providing any service on-site, we conduct a thorough assessment of the pest control issues.


Our #1 priority is ensuring our customers are safe and worry free.

Clean & Tidy

Our pest control services help you keep your home clean bug and rodent free!

Client Testimonials

As a Realtor / Property Manager, it is imperative that I have excellent vendors in my book to call at a moments notice. Chris is Always available for me for Inspections or emergent needs. I had a property that was in really rough shape very suddenly with ants because of the constant rain. Chris went, diagnosed, and treated the same day! I couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend!


Julie Henderson
ITG Property Management

The owner (Chris) knows his stuff for sure and is very responsive….in my case within 24 hours. We had a bug infestation in our kitchen due to some corn we bought to feed squirrels. Chris knew exactly what we had to deal with, the lifespan of the bug and how to kill it without compromising our doggies and/or our life. And, he’s a fellow combat Vet….so he has my respect!


Joey B.
Melbourne, FL.

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