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We offer a wide range of professional lawn care services and pest control solutions in Brevard County, Florida. Put your trust in Predator Services for all of your lawn care and home pest protection needs!

Brevard County FL Lawn Service and Pest Control

Yard Maintenance, Lawn Fertilization, Yard Clean Up, Tree Pruning, Pest Control, Termite Treatment, and Rodent Control Throughout Brevard County, Florida

Brevard County FL Lawn Service and Pest Control

Our technicians carefully provide lawn care maintenance services and pest control protection for residential and commercial properties across Brevard County, Florida. Our lawn care maintenance services consist of lawn mowing, tree trimming, yard and flowerbed clean ups, mulching, and sod installations. Our ornamental pest control services protect driveways, sidewalks, exterior plants and trees from insects – and much more! Protect your property inside and out with professional pest control – stopping rodents, termites, silverfish, lice, ticks, and more in their tracks.

Call Predator Services at 321-507-2651 for your lawn maintenance and ornamental pest control services to keep your landscape looking beautiful and your neighbors envious! 

We Keep Our Eyes On Your Greatest Investment

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Brevard County FL Tree Trimming

Brevard County FL Lawn Service and Pest Control

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The Importance of Yard Maintenance and Consistent Pest Control

Brevard County FL Lawn Service and Pest Control

I see it every day, people see a problem and try to react to what they see. Ants on counter, chinch bugs in yard. People want immediate results when they have a problem however they would never have a problem if they included it in day to day maintenance. That is where predator services comes into play, one phone call multiple services at proper frequencies and proper amounts to provide a safe environment for all.

Everything starts with a proper inspection of property, Let us inspect your property and find the issues and provide you with tips and tricks that will reduce your vulnerability to infestation of pests, termites, rodents, and more. Don’t take my word for it have multiple companies go out and inspect I’m sure you will be surprised (or not) at what people will say and do to get the money.


We are currently accepting new clients for routine maintenance. Call to schedule your inspection with Predator Services.

Brevard County FL Lawn Service and Pest ControlTake Care Of What You Value Most By Protecting & Having Your Property Look Its Very Best!

Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance

Get maximum care at minimum costs with our complete lawn treatment and maintenance for your home. Want a green and healthy lawn? Predator Services has just the thing for you.

Pest Control Insulation

Keep unwanted critters out of your home with a unique, eco-friendly solution. Powerful, pest-control insulation is the perfect answer for protecting your home for years and years!

Pest Control Fumigation

Like a deep clean for your home, fumigation is the pest control solution for all those hard-to-reach spaces in your home or office. Destroy bed bugs, ants, and roaches once and for all!

Outdoor Pests

Bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and other outdoor pests might be common in Florida, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eradicate them from your home with professional outdoor pest control services.

Common Pests

Unwelcome bugs infiltrating your home? Put a stop to all tiny, problematic insect infestations – whether it’s termites, ants, cockroaches, ticks, or spiders! It’s time to protect your property.

Rodents & Wildlife Control

Bats, birds, and rats trying to colonize your home or office? It’s time to take action with expert rodent and wildlife control – powerful, long-lasting solutions are just a phone call away.

Want Us To Come Take A Look?

It is time for our professional and honest opinion? Predator Services is experienced in handling a variety of different yard improvement projects and every kind of infestation in Florida for homeowners and commercial properties. Your property deserves to be protected and look its very best! So, what are you waiting for? Let us come take a look!

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Brevard County FL Lawn Service and Pest Control

We’re clean, eco-friendly, effective, and safe. Get only the best when you call Predator Services or your yard maintenance and pest control needs.

Brevard County FL Lawn Service and Pest Control

Complete, Effective, & Eco-Friendly Yard Maintenance & Pest Control

Brevard County FL Lawn Service and Pest Control

We’ve built our business on our impeccable reputation. Customers in Brevard County FL choose Predator Services because of our professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to our clients.

When rodents, wasps, bats, and bugs are terrorizing your home, there’s one name that you can trust: Predator Services. We’re known for our fast response time, effective solutions, and safe (and eco-friendly) services – every time. If you’re looking for top-quality pest control, you’ve come to the right place. Brevard County FL Lawn Service and Pest Control